Rockets Holiday Classic

Illinois Rockets Boys Basketball


2019 Champions

4 Gold Lemont Athletic Club

6 Gold Lemont Athletic Club

7 Gold Illinois Rockets Red

8 Silver Oswego East Wolfpack Blue

5 Gold Paradise Blue

6 Silver Illinois Rockets White

8 Gold Vikings United

2018 Champions

3rd Grade Gold Champs:

KC Rebels

5thGrade Gold Champs:
KC Rebels

6thGrade Silver Champs:

IL Blaze

4thGrade Gold Champs:
IL Speed

5thGrade Silver Champs:

IL Attack AJ

7thGrade Gold Champs:
IL Blaze

8th Grade Silver Champs:

4thGrade Silver Champs:

IL Rockets 4 Red

7thGrade Silver Champs:

IL Rockets Red

Contact us

If you have any additional questions please click name to email contact:

Boys Program: Bob Bray

Girls GS Program: Bob Bray

Girls HS Program: Drew Ondik

Financial Questions:   Bob Bray

Website/Registrations Questions:  Bob Bray

Sponsorship:  Bob Bray


Additional Information

Interested in playing for:


Rockets Girls HS Team Spring/Summer  

Please Contact Drew Ondik 


Rockets Boys High School Team 

Please Contact Bob Bray or Jabari Harrell

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